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Debit and ATM Cards

With our convenient bank cards, the power of United Bank & Trust is always in your pocket. Simple to use and completely safe, our ATM and debit cards are perfect for everyday expenses and easy transactions.

Debit Cards

Out on the town or in a fix, having a United Bank & Trust Debit Card means you have a cash equivalent when you need it. It's faster than a check and easier than a credit card - each transaction is tied back to your checking account, without the interest you might face from a credit card. Plus, it can be used anywhere MasterCard™  is accepted, so you can use it worldwide, over the phone, or online.

  • If a merchant accepts MasterCard™, they'll accept your United Bank & Trust debit card.
  • Works at any ATM with a Shazam™, Cirrus™, or MasterCard™ logo. No ATM fee for withdrawals when used at any Privileged Status™ ATM*.
  • Detailed transaction information appears on your monthly bank statement
  • No monthly fees**

* Banks associated with other networks may charge a transaction fee for ATM usage

**  No monthly fee if card is used 5 or more times per statement cycle. A monthly fee of $2.00 per account if used less than 5 times per statement cycle.


ATM Cards

Gain quick, almost-anywhere access to your bank account. Check your balance or make a transfer to another account. With an ATM card, you can manage your bank accounts from any ATM in Iowa, or any Cirrus™ or Shazam™  ATM worldwide.

  • No transaction fees at United Bank & Trust ATMs*
  • No ATM surcharges for withdrawals at United Bank & Trust or Privileged Status™ ATMs
  • No fee for ATM deposits made at a United Bank & Trust ATM.
  • Accepted at any ATM that displays the Cirrus™ or Shazam™  logo worldwide**
  • Annual fee of $6.00.

* Fees may be charged for transactions made at an ATM not owned by United Bank & Trust.

**Banks associated with other networks may charge a transaction fee for ATM usage.


MasterCard SecureCode

Register your debit card with MasterCard SecureCode to help prevent unauthorized use of your card online.  SecureCode provides an extra layer of security that prevents fraudulent online purchases.  Click here for more information.


Lost your card?

Click here to report a missing or stolen card.

For more information email or call (641)753-5900.