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Fraud Prevention Services 

Falcon Fraud Manager

Falcon is a system that monitors debit card and atm transactions for potential fraud based on your personal spending habits/trends.  If a transaction is deemed suspicious, you will receive a call from a Falcon Fraud Specialist to verify the transaction.  The call will come from a live person, never a recording, and they will never ask you for personal information.  If you did not initiate the transaction, your debit card will be blocked before additional fraudulent transactions can take place.  If you do not answer the call, a temporary block may be placed on your debit card if the fraud potential is high. Please call us today to be sure we have your most up-to-date contact information.


If you plan to travel away from your home area, please contact us with dates and locations.  This will help recognize which transactions may be legitimate versus fraudulent. 


If you have any questions regarding fradulent transactions or a block on your debit card, please contact us or Shazam Fraud Operations at (866) 508-2693.  


Register your United Bank & Trust debit card(s) to view account balances and set card alerts.  You will receive an email from Bolt$ if any transaction made meets your card alert settings. You will also receive an email if a transaction is deemed suspicious by the Falcon Fraud Manager system.  This allows you to monitor your own debit card transactions as they occur. 

If you notice any suspicious activity, contact us or SHAZAM Fraud Operations at (866) 508-2693 immediately to prevent futher fraud. 


You can access your Bolt$ account through the web, iPhone app, or Android app. 


Click here to register on the web. 

Click here to download Shazam Bolt$ iPhone app:  

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Shazam Bolts User Guide