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United Bank & Trust is excited to announce an upgrade to our financial management and budgeting tool! FinanceWorks™ is now Money Management™.

Link your external financial accounts such as credit cards, retirement funds, loans and deposit accounts, allowing you to view your entire financial picture all in one place!  Plus, set budgets, view your spending trends, and categorize your transactions.  Managing your money has never been easier!


How is Money Management™ different from FinanceWorks™?

Many of the existing FinanceWorks™ experiences will continue to be available in Money Mangement™, but with a new redesigned look and feel:

Money Management

  • Access Money Management™ by logging into Online Banking and clicking on the "Manage Money" tab, or access through the Money Management™ widget on your online banking home page
  • Link all of your external financial accounts, which allow you to view your entire financial picture all in one location
  • Track your transactions easily due to auto-categorization
  • View your spending chart to see where your money is going
  • Set up budgets based on your spending habits and goals
  • Set up email alerts for your transactions

Will there be new features offered?

Of course!  In addition to the new interface, there are a variety of new features:

  • Mobile Banking access through our Mobile App
  • Debt payoff forcasting
  • Detailed net worth analysis and tracking
  • Deb payoff goals
  • Savings and retirement goals
  • Cash flow calendar
  • Text alerts in addition to email alerts
  • Auto categorization improvements
  • Real-time account refresh whenever you login

How does this affect you?

This new feature will go live on January 12th.  If you are a current FinanceWorks™ user, your account information for external accounts will be migrated from FinanceWorks™ to Money Management™ including names, account types and balances. We will migrate approximately 18 months of transaction history for all accounts. For security reasons, we will not be migrating external account login credentials. You will need to provide new credentials so that accounts will aggregate successfully from that point forward. Categories, budgets, alerts and goals will need to be set by you to customize a full budget and financial picture.

Contact us at (641) 753-5900 or with any questions!

How-to guides & FAQs for using Money Management™

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