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Like an umbrella, the Brella™ app is designed to offer protection for debit cards with real-time alerts. When your United Bank & Trust debit card has been used, you will receive an email alert, based on the transaction criteria you established when registering your card.  If you are notified of a transaction that you didn't authorize, contact United Bank & Trust immediately to close your debit card.  If you have fraud to report after business hours, call the Brella™ Fraud Operations at 866-508-2693 immediately to prevent further fraud.

Register your United Bank & Trust debit card with Brella™ today by clicking here.  First time users should click the "New Mobile Card User" button to register.
To access the Brella™ user guide, click here.

You can automatically receive email notifications anytime for:

  • Transaction amount alert
  • Internet or phone transaction alert
  • International transaction alert
  • Suspicious transaction alert (If you receive a suspicious transaction alert, call SHAZAM toll-free at 866-508-2693 to review the suspicious activity with a fraud specialist.)

iPhone and Android users can sign up directly through the Brella™ app found in the App Store and Google Play

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