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Protect Yourself From Scams




The Marshalltown Police Department recently published a media release warning community residents of a calling scam.  Multiple reports were received stating that the caller identified himself a law enforcement agent and informed the recipients that they had unpaid fees or fines.  The caller directed the recipients to purchase prepaid cards and provide him with the PIN number in order to pay the fines.  Further, the caller threatened arrest of the individual if they did not comply.


Another recent similar scam involves a caller informing the recipient that they have unpaid medical bills and must send or wire money to pay the bills. 


These are both common scams.  Please do NOT ever provide any of your financial or other confidential information to an unknown individual.  If you are suspicious of the call, please hang up and report the call to your local police department, or call the business to verify legitimacy.  If you have already provided account information, please contact us to take proper steps to protect your financial assets.