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Mobile Wallet

A mobile wallet is a digital means of keeping your payment information ready for use on your smartphone. When you add your United Bank & Trust debit card to your mobile wallet, you can make payments anywhere that Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay is accepted.

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  • Make purchases at any store or online that accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay.
  • Use biometrics, such as Touch ID to confirm payments.
  • Transfer money directly to your friends and family.
  • Make secure payments that use encryption to protect your information.
    • Read more about Apple Pay here.
    • Read more about Google Pay here.
    • Read more about Samsung Pay here.

Get started

  • Download the Mobile Wallet app from the app store on your device or it may already be built into your phone.
  • Add your United Bank & Trust Debit Card information into the wallet by following the steps provided in the app.
  • Activate your device by confirming registration.  You may receive a text from SHAZAM to confirm your activation.
  • Once activated, you will have access to pay at participating merchants, in apps or online through your mobile device.
    • Watch a quick video tutorial about Apple Pay here.
    • Watch a quick video tutorial about Google Pay here.
    • Watch a quick video tutorial about Samsung Pay here.

View step-by-step instructions to add your United Bank & Trust debit card to your smartphone wallet.  Mobile Wallet Guide

P2P Payment Options

Person-to-Person payment (P2P) is an online technology that allows customers to transfer funds from their bank account or credit/debit card to another individuals account, via the internet, mobile phone or tablet.   

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Your United Bank & Trust account or debit card can be added as the source of payment for many P2P services including Venmo, Facebook Messenger, Pay Pal and Square Cash. 

View step-by-step instructions to set up and link your United Bank & Trust account to your service of choice.  P2P Alternative Payment Options

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